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Saturday 20 January 2018

Shack progress on hold

The works I alluded to in the previous post have caused a new problem, this is in the form of my shack in that I have had to move everything from the store cupboards there until the works to replace my boiler and my electricity meter have been complete, as it stands the boiler is done but for obvious reasons the boxes that were in that cupboard cannot be moved back there.

To make any progress with the shack now requires that I wait until the smart meter installation has been completed on Monday, all the storage boxes will be moved in to the store cupboard opposite, where the meter is, where room permits, though keeping a passage clear for access to the circuit breakers and keeping the window and emergency gas shut off valve clear as well, the smart meter work will obviously render obsolete my energy monitor as the smart meter will have something similar that can read from both electricity and gas, therefore I no longer need to decode the data from it.

I can still get at my operating position within the shack though the antenna has been removed from the radiator while the plumbers were in doing the work to install the boiler, as I believed they'd need to bleed it as part of refilling the system, I also can operate using HTs as the chargers are also accessible as is the switch to isolate them (I keep the chargers off until I need them for whatever reason).

Later in the year I hope to replace the metal desk with a larger wooden desk with room for my radios as at the moment the metal desk is far from ideal, there is plenty of room for it and I think it would make an excellent upgrade, however getting everything that is stored placed back in suitable locations is priority number one.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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