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Thursday 13 December 2018

The differences between Amateur and CB radio - the video

Last night I filmed a video and uploaded it to YouTube following on from the last post and with a few extracts from it.

I also gave sound advice as to why it is a bad thing to abuse the radio spectrum, I have nothing against children playing with PMR446 radios as that would get them interested, what I am talking about is using radio to mislead truck drivers and using Amateur radio illegally and also using non-type approved equipment on bands you shouldn't be and running higher power than what you are allowed to run, noting that CB is 4 watts, the Aussie UHF CB is 5 watts, American 11-meter/27MHz CB is AM not FM, and PMR446 is 500mW, and how misuse of any kind could land you in trouble, as it could be classed as deliberate interference, along with pirate operation on the Amateur bands which is also highly illegal, and use of equipment outside of its intended market, the Australia UHF CB system is only legal in Australia and some other ITU region 3 countries if I recall.

My main piece of advice is don't operate where you're not meant to, in a fashion you're not meant to, do not cause  deliberate interference and absolutely do not operate in any radio spectrum that you should not operate in, not only is this illegal it could also cause danger to safety critical systems such as aviation, fire, ambulance, police and maritime communications

Needless to say one person, who is not even part of the hobby anyway, was insulted by this despite the only person being named was Chance Callahan KD0MXN, as we all know the sort of things he likes to do especially in breach of Part 97 of the FCC rules.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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