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Saturday 25 May 2019

Fixing radios in the car without screws, or attempts to at least

So in my last two cars I've wanted to avoid putting screw holes into the dashboard when mounting radios and the extension speaker, fortunately the control panel for the FTM-400XDE comes with a sticky pad for the mounting bracket and this had held it fine in its final place in the current car, the main unit on the other hand has been loose in the glovebox and this was not ideal and in the past I've tried strong double-sided tape that did not hold it for long.

My second try at the beginning of this week was Gorilla tape, which is supposed to be very strong and 'permanent', not so as I also used it on the speaker and that fell off between yesterday evening and the previous night, and because of this I'm wary the main unit of the FTM-400XDE will also fall off, and it is significantly heavier.

My next try will be with Sugru, 5g of which is reportedly able to hold 400x its own weight once it has set according to the manufacturer, the FTM-400XDE is 1.5KG, however I will use as much as I can to ensure the radio stays attached where I want it, as Sugru is able to stick to uneven surfaces it should theoretically allow my FTM-400XDE to attach to the side of the centre console, the substance needing a full 24 hours to cure before any weight is applied to it, as I am planning on fitting a seat runner mount tablet holder for the CHUWI Hi10 Air as well it needs to be able to be installed and not foul it or the movement of the passenger seat (as I plan to run the full APRS setup during the run to Manchester in June I aim to get the tablet mount, and a powered USB hub for other peripherals, fitted as soon as possible).

The other radio to install in the car is the CRT SS9900, as this has an integrated display it is more appropriate to have it where it can be easily reached, this may warrant a coaxial cable extensions be made up for it, I plan to fit a feed for it that uses Anderson Powerpole connectors and take advantage of the full power available for the radio, this feed will be separate to the FTM-400XDE power feed.

I'll post a bit more on this, and probably a video if it all works out as it should, in the near future.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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