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Tuesday 21 May 2019

More focus on Amateur radio, though stepping back from twitter... there comes a point

I have made a decision, for my own good, to step back from twitter and put more focus on Amateur radio (and the rest of the radio hobby too of course) and step back from IRC too, and if you read my twitter you'd understand why but it will be covered here.

An individual who I have simply referred to as 'the disgusting creature' owing to some deplorable and disgusting comments they made about a very frightening experience I had behind the wheel of my car while I was working a few months ago has been, for some considerable amount of time. block evading my twitter and using what they can from it to try and get me to "grow up" after I made the choice to cut ties with this individual because their behaviour was unhealthy and I felt excessively uncomfortable.  This individual later went on to try and find my current home address (without success) using (I only put the closest street onto that as my previous address had been compromised and I refused to allow a repeat it) and using to try and locate my work, again without success as I will NEVER run my APRS beacon during working hours, I only transmit analogue and digital voice during work hours.

This blog and my YouTube channel will not be affected nor will any other website I run, this stepping back mainly affects twitter and to a degree IRC (I run an IRC bouncer at home and therefore don't need to disconnect from IRC completely, just not run any clients on my machines.

This decision was not made lightly, I had become stressed and angered after I discovered my email address signed up to spam and given their track record of doing this in the past I knew full well who did it.

At least with Amateur radio I can not only get away from this unwanted drama, I know it cannot follow me there as this individual is not licensed and their behaviour would not be welcome in the Amateur radio hobby, they've earned a ban from ##hamradio on freenode which proves this point greatly.

My twitter will still be updated just not as regularly as it was and it will be more topics on Amateur radio and my YouTube videos as I upload them, I have no plans to put my YouTube channel on hold at present.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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