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Sunday 19 May 2019

Upcoming events at the Colburn & Richmondshire District Amateur Radio Society

The club of which I am a member, the Colburn & Richmondshire District Amateur Radio Society, callsign GX3EKL, have, albeit in my absence due to work commitments, put up a a summer programme of events, complete with an idea that I was going to suggest myself to the club however it looks like Chris G4FZN got the idea in before I could (great minds think alike), that being a "fox hunt", or ARDF (Amateur radio direction finding).

The first meeting of June sees the club erecting a colinear thus putting it on air on 2-meters and 70cm, which since its formation it rarely if ever has been and from its elevated point at Hudwell it should do quite well with, ideal for those new to the hobby and not gaining the confidence yet to go on HF, I hope to be there for this however work commitments may not allow for this so what I can do is help out on receive from my car, this should allow me to participate in some capacity with the club when I am not able to attend due to work, though on operating nights only.

The direction finding appears to be taking place in August, due to slightly conflicting schedules I may or may not be able to attend however this remains to be seen, the regular Wednesday meetings usually depend on work commitments, however with an increasing number of drivers at the place I work it may well be that I will be able to make more club meetings however we will see.

The calendar of events for the club can be found here and at time of originally posting the events listing goes from the 5th June to the 16th October, a link to the club's website can now be found at the side of this blog (for computer and most tablet browsers) and if you are in the Richmond area and have an interest in Amateur radio or are licenced then we at the club welcome you to pop in, and membership details can be found on the website if you wish to become a member, the more the merrier as they say.

I attend most meetings where possible and if I am there please do say hi

73 de 2E0EIJ

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