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Sunday 10 May 2020

Coming up on the YouTube channel

I have a few videos in the pipeline, and here's what they are

I go through the mic wiring of a CB microphone using a conventional plug (this is of a 6-pin variety), I will also be looking at the Albrecht CL27 rubber duck antenna for handheld CBs and finding out how it will fair against the one supplied on a handheld doing a test a-la "handheld CBs, are they any good", a video I will be reviewing prior to running the test, and I will also be taking a look at a Solarcon Dial-a-match type antenna (the A110) and showing you how to tune it and seeing if I can also get it to work on 10-meters without a tuner.

The CB mic plug video is also under way as there are parts I can do now for that video ahead of schedule, a small video showing what I ordered from Thunderpole, as I ordered these things together with some PL259s for RG8 mini and a rubber boot for my original magmount (which will be used to demonstrate the dial-a-match) as the current one was hurriedly repaired with Sugru prior to its 8 months on the roof of the Peugeot 106.

I will be paying close attention to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's message tonight regarding the lockdown and if certain restrictions are relaxed (which may not be likely) I will be planning an air test of the PNI Escort HP7120  from Hurgill Road in Richmond provided it is safe to do so and not in contravention of lockdown, I may even use the T2LT antenna for that one to see just where legal power will take me, this way I don't have to muck about unplugging the mobile antenna from the Thunderpole T-3000.

73 de M0WNU/26CT730

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