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Thursday 7 May 2020

PNI Escort HP7120 & PNI Extra 48 compact compromise antenna now here

So I paid £56.95 plus postage (the postage would be the £7) for the PNI Escort HP7120 and the Extra 48 antenna, my first impressions of the radio are positive, it's very small and fits in almost all modern cars where space could well be at a premium, I own a first generation Toyota Aygo (a late one from 2013/14) and as anyone who owns that car or its Peugeot and Citroen siblings will know is that space is quite hard to find in there so this radio would fit those cars perfectly, however as I have a Thunderpole T-3000 in my car I have no plans in which to replace it with this PNI set.

The set uses a quick-release bracket for mounting, rather than the thumbscrew arrangement, and is supplied with a power lead that is not only fitted with a cigarette lighter plug it is also fitted with an inline fuse so no need to fit a fuseholder if you want to remove the plug and hard wire.

The Extra 48 antenna looks exactly like the sort of antenna you'd find fitted to a car for broadcast reception except it is a magmount and has thin coax feeding it, I tested it on my car and it seems to work ok on EU20 but a little high at the outer band edges and the UK band was a no-go so this antenna will be revisited in the future when lockdown is over.

I also plan to give the radio an on-air test when the lockdown finishes, I've already compared its audio with the Thuderpole T-3000 which I include in the attached YouTube video below, especially considering the sizeable microphone with the T-3000 over the small one with the PNI set.

The on-air test will also be done on YouTube.

And a radio for still cheaper than the cheapest compact radio alone you cannot go wrong.

73 de M0WNU/26CT730

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