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Thursday 21 June 2018

Local 11-meter noise tests

Before work today I decided to get the mast out and up at the home QTH on the drive on mast stand, this was to find out what the local noise levels using a T2LT antenna would be around here as I plan to hide one somewhere convenient, barely passing S1 on the meter, for arguements sake I took the reading on my CRT SS9900 (bear in mind this is not a type approved radio for the Citizens' Band service so I did not transmit of course) and the President Grant II, the noise did not exceed S1 on both radios for most channels, some cases it would hit S3 but the noise levels were good, even with the SS9900's RF gain turned up to full, this was, however at around 3pm on a weekday, I suspect when everyone is home and they have electronics running the noise level will go up.

QRM is a major inconvenience for the modern radio operator, the vast majority of electronic devices sold are compliant with the rules that prevent them generating QRM, however there are certain things such as solar charge controllers and, worse, PLT homeplugs for networking over the mains that can potentially wipe out most if not all HF bands, the latter are well known examples of devices not complying with the directives in place and being sold regardless, most solar charge controllers are usually cheap units from China and in most cases quality control leaves a lot to be desired.

So I am going to repeat the tests another day when I know that many people will be on the Internet, this may take place after the celebration night on Wednesday, perhaps the Monday night after the celebration night, this will make this test fair.

The next 11-meter related post should be on the subject of the celebration of legal AM and SSB,

73 de 26CT730

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