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Friday 29 June 2018

DV Hotspot update 3

I received notification early hours yesterday that my MMDVM board, case and antenna have been marked as shipped, this is good but I still am uncertain whether this can be configured and working before the Colburn & Richmondshire District Amateur Radio Society do their talk on Yaesu System Fusion (and possibly some DMR as myself and at least two other members are equipped for it).

I still have yet to find a suitable location for home use for the completed hotspot though have found a nice short power cable in which to run it (power is supplied from the Pi Zero W to the whole unit and therefore it simply requires a micro-USB cable and either a phone charger or a power bank, this allows me access to the unit on the move, it can also run off a car charger as well though I'd have to do a shutdown before I turn off the car.  I took the time to eventually get the WiFi to work on it (it dislikes my main WiFi so has to connect to my guest WiFi), both for home and mobile use, I think the unit would make an excellent demonstration of Amateur radio combining off-the-shelf tech, and could well get younger people interested, as I am building this as a kit (from a couple of pre-assembled boards, one being a Pi Zero W and the other being the MMDVM though I think some final assembly is required) this might be enticing to those that would rather be hands-on.

As I have to work soon at time of writing I will have to keep this one short and sweet and will return with a bit more on this as it progresses, and I will hope to return to the blog with more soon

73 de 2E0EIJ

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