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Monday 2 July 2018

Chinese radio equipment for the amateur

I have had a little look on eBay just before posting this and just before I get on with some housework, I have found that China are offering radios, digital hotspots and TNCs primarily for APRS use, this is interesting, the radios were the start of it but as more and more Amateur radio related equipment is made and comes directly out of China it could flood the market with all this cheap gear, the quality depends of course as this is China but their radios lately have been up to standard, my Anytone AT-D868UV for instance, though Chinese and though I bought it from a British supplier, the quality is very good indeed.

I am of course still waiting for the hotspot hat, might show up by the end of this week but maybe next week, who knows, as shipping from China can take time, I last bought crimp on PL259s from China and these arrived fairly sharply, I've not had a mail delivery today anyway and I doubt the board will arrive today anyway.

Want cheap radio gear, get it from China (though be aware you could get stung by a customs charge though this has yet happened to me)

73 de 2E0EIJ

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