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Sunday 8 July 2018

DV hotspot update 5 - should be the final one

So the Jumbospot arrived yesterday, I filmed the build in parts which will be on YouTube by Monday all being well.

The assembly was pretty straight forward, the board was supplied with 2 sets of header pins for the Raspberry Pi Zero W, an SMA female antenna jack, the antenna itself, an OLED display and a set of screws and spacers, completing it a black anodised case with cutouts for all the Pi's connectors and the Jumbospot board's LEDs, antenna jack and OLED display.

The configuration in Pi-Star was the head scratching part, though once this was worked out I moved on to testing tx/rx, initially nothing but with some tweaking in Pi-Star it worked fine.

The next test I did was run the Jumbospot off a battery, namely a Goodmans 8000mAh powerbank from B&M, running from about 3:40PM to about 2AM the next morning and the powerbank only went down by one of the white LED indicators on it, the setup being very power efficient and thus can be used anywhere it can get on the Internet, I simply tether it to my phone and it does the job as long as coverage exists in the area I operate from.

Now I have it I should be able to make DMR and Fusion contacts, I mainly can be found in CQ-UK but could be on other reflectors and talk groups.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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