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Wednesday 4 July 2018

DV hotspot update 4

The MMDVM jumbospot board has been marked as of the 1st July (surprisingly) as having left Hong Kong, so it should arrive at some stage this week or very early next week all being well, in the mean time I've subject the Raspberry Pi Zero W that the hotspot will be based on to a run-in test, that is I have left it powered up for a few days, though I know a Pi Zero can run for in excess of 100 days, as in the case of my much older one I use for my IRC bouncer, the Zero W is a slightly different design and has extra (WiFi and Bluetooth) hardware on board, I usually do run-in tests that last about a week though it may be powered down sooner if the board arrives from China (well Hong Kong but it's technically still China).

If it does arrive within the week then I should have it up and configured (and a video to YouTube) in good time before the talk on System Fusion (and possibly) DMR in 2 weeks time and also have made my first official QSO on DMR, I have the radio I may as well get it used for its intended purpose, though it works exceptionally well in Analogue it is, fundamentally, a DMR HT, I've gone ahead and set up a Brandmeister Selfcare account should I need it, I don't believe I need to do any registration for DMR+ as my DMR ID should be enough, and nothing should be required for System Fusion other than hotspot configuration, and the only two digital voice modes I will use are System Fusion and DMR, as I own no D-STAR equipment (and have no intention of buying or using any until Chance Callahan KD0MXN has his Amateur radio licence revoked for his atrocious behaviour), and P25 and NXDN do not appear to be used by UK Amateurs.

The only real thing left to do is wait really, it shouldn't be long now.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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