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Monday 25 June 2018

possible T2LT shootout

I recently happened across eXtreme Antenna Systems, run by Scott 26DRX111/26CTX3111/2E0XVS, he sells antennas ranging from the humble T2LT (of which I built one myself as per Gary 26CTX101's instructions.

Looking at his pre-made T2LT I thought "why not order one and run it against my own T2LT, on the same day using the same radio and the same mast and see which fares better", and this probably will take place after the celebration of legal AM/SSB on the 11-meter band, and after this purchase one of his antennas that can work both 10 and ll meters, put that in the tree outside and have only one feeder back to the shack with a switch in the shack between the Grant II and the CRT SS9900 which may get me on part of HF from home at the very least and may well eventually be swapped by the CRT SS6900N as that has CW whereas the 9900 does not, to do the shootout I may well need a second SOTApole from SOTABeams, as the current one has proven successful already on tests prior to its first official use.

If the 10/11 1/2 wave antenna proves a success from home I will order a second for portable ops to be able to use 10 and 11-meters in the field, this may well prove beneficial for the National Hamfest 2018 in which I plan to run a station from.

I will of course need an antenna switch for the shootout as well

I'll update in due course

73 de 2E0EIJ/26CT730

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