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Monday 6 August 2018

Network radios again...

YouTuber "Ringway Manchester", better known as Lewis M3HHY, published a video of him operating a network radio, the Senhaix N60, which was running Zello, one of the radio apps of choice (of which I have and run 2 accounts for, one for licence-free and one for Amateur). though it could be done on a phone anyway it does not feel like radio, hence why I rigged up a CB mic to my shack computer for systems like Echolink, perhaps I have missed a few points with these devices as they seem to be quite popular now.

Most people will say that these things aren't radio, that is not strictly accurate as there are at least 2 transceivers fitted to them, one for WiFi and one for the mobile phone networks, there's radio involved in most of the path as most Zello users tend to use a mobile device and Echolink can come out on any repeater or node in the world, even some Zello channels are connected to a radio in some way shape or form.

I am warming up to the idea of these and am looking at the Senhaix N60 as a possible radio, also the business potential of these units is quite useful as they run Android and can be customised, this applies to all Network radios.

Perhaps I was quick to jump to conclusions on these radios and since they all come from China I imagine that they are cheap to get hold of.

Naturally people will still be saying that it isn't radio, to be honest connecting to Zello or Echolink with one of these via your router or the mobile phone networks is probably similar in vain to DMR through a repeater, just in different bands, or even like connecting to a hotspot for digital modes outside coverage areas, and I already run a Jumbospot to get onto DMR and Fusion.

So what to do next? get a network radio of course and report back.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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