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Saturday 25 August 2018

Bullying by Amateur operators, apparently very real (although I know that one from off-air experience)

The other day I watched a video by Callum M0MCX of DX Commander, he had received a letter from a holder of a foundation licence who he referred to as "Tim" (not the letter writer's real name), and I was, shall I say, mortified by what Callum read from this letter, and no doubt it upset many more, it mostly went on about how older hams who are far too set in their ways did not like the idea of the foundation licence at the time (around about 2006, when the M3 pool was still used), I'm not going to repeat any of what was said in the video, however it struck a chord with me, because as you know I was betrayed, belittled and harassed, even after getting my M6 and possibly for a time after getting my 2E0 as well, by Chance Callahan KD0MXN who I did report wants to get his general, possibly as I have a licence that permits more than what he can do (though my foundation allowed me on the vast majority of HF with a few exceptions where the equivalent Technician class licence in the US allows a portion of 10-meters only as well as 2 and 70 and a couple of other bands) and he is probably not happy that someone he has an absolute hatred of and will harass at any given opportunity has a higher class licence than him.

Until watching Callum's video I though I was the only Amateur to have suffered at the hands of a fellow amateur, I was lucky as my harassment never took place on the air and if it did I'd happily hand recording of it to the FCC and see Chance Callahan's licence revoked, however after I reported on the fact he had not updated his address as mandated in Part 97 he has in the last 10 days done it, he has also requested vanity call W4BORG, another call to add to the blacklists though I don't believe he will be issued it but best to blacklist it anyway.

As I have always said, the bullies are a minority, and I continue to enjoy this hobby regardless of what I have suffered at the hands of Chance Callahan KD0MXN, I am even now putting time and effort into making my shack more functional as you will have read up on, and even hoping to get an outside 2 and 70 antenna up (though to stand any chance it will be below the roofline), so I can do more operating from home, and I could potentially return from the National Hamfest with a new radio, my last rally-bought radio being my AnyTone 868 which I got from Bowburn, and if Chance Callahan had succeeded in driving me off the bands I'd never have bought it, or started building my shack desk or even booked camping at this year's National Hamfest.

If you find yourself being bullied by a fellow ham on or off the bands, remember this, you are better than they are, if on the bands, tune to another frequency, if off the bands then if in person walk away, if online just close or switch the window, the bully will never know and if you don't give them what they want they will not bite, my postings about Chance Callahan KD0MXN are usually beyond what he has done to me as he has done plenty of things that the FCC and the Amateur radio community would frown upon, as well as it transpires the IRC network Snoonet who have outright banned him (called a G-line in IRC terminology).

Enjoy radio, don't let the bullies stop you, the vast majority of radio operators, Amateur and CB, are a friendly bunch and more than willing to help the newcomers, even me.

And thanks to Callum M0MCX for putting up the video addressing bullying in Amateur radio

73 de 2E0EIJ

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