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Thursday 23 August 2018

Stage one of the new desk complete

I have finished the first stage of the build of the new desk and have items already on it in place, the computer is central, the radios (at least the CRT SS9900 and QYT KT-8900D) are at the end closest to the window and the charging bases for the HTs and the Jumbospot are at the far end by the store cupboard door, and with things in place the desk is holding well so far.

The next stage will of course be to fit some underdesk cupboards across the sections where the boards join to allow there to be extra strength and also storage, as well as find a location for the power supply unit that I intend to build.

The space difference is astounding to say the least, nothing is on top of anything nor in the way nor does it look unsightly, and the layout has allowed me to supply power to the blue LEDs inside my homebrew extension speaker, thus adding a cool look to the shack already.

The metal desk is in position now along with the soldering iron, though there are still some remedial jobs to do before I move on to stage two at least what I have now is a start.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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