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Tuesday 8 January 2019

examining the other accessories sold with the RoadCom-FS

So after my last post I returned to the shack and had a proper look at the other bits I got, the magmount needs a new cable but that is not a big problem as I will look into this at a later date anyway, the mount converter to convert an SO239 mount to 3/8" fitting seemed fine and my orbitor screwed into it without a problem, the switch had some corrosion on some of the SO239 connectors so I had a quick peek inside, the switch was very simple, in being only a switch and some stiff wire connecting the SO239s to the switch and presumably the chassis connecting them all to ground, it functions fine, I did a test of it into both the Zetagi dummy load and the saltwater dummy load, though the saltwater load needs a little calibration though it still works, the switch worked with RF through it no problem, that also allowed me to test a couple of patch leads that were included, they were functioning fine.

The RoadCom-FS itself has been put back into the car for tests, I still have the Grant II and the SS9900 in the car as well, and as I have a long list of things to tidy up, and the car is one of them, they will probably make it back up to the house at the point I tidy the car out, though as part of the big tidy up I am doing I will more than likely have to do some tip runs before the car can be cleaned out so it may not be for a while just yet.

With all the tests done it's time to do the big test, putting the RoadCom-FS on the road, and advertising the benefits of two-way radio communications as I go of course, and as some hobbyists move up to Amateur radio from CB, much like I did in a sense, it could encourage more people to get on the air and hopefully we'll have some more M7 calls out there soon.

73 de 2E0EIJ/26CT730

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