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Saturday 19 May 2018

National Hamfest 2018 - Their website is online....

However at time of posting I still cannot book the camping as there is no form available on their website and I suspect it will have to be done through their shop which opens on the 1st July, a major inconvenience but I can still get camping gear and book the hamfest dates off work.

I know there are supposed to be two camping choices though for any guests one is better than the other and the walk to the hamfest event hall will do me the world of good anyway, as long as it's sunny that weekend (as it has been every other time I have visited the National Hamfest) I don't mind.

Of course with payday just around the corner I can start to think about buying what I need, though I shall hold off until after the beginning of June which allows time for my biggest bills to come out and I can see what I have left or whether I wait until July (which is cutting it fine)

The other matter of course is getting all my feeders repaired so I can operate from the hamfest site, I hope to do that in the coming weeks, my old home QTH CB antenna feed, which had a damaged plug on one end which may have contributed to it never working as it ought to have, is the first on my list to do as it is the longest of the cables I have, I plan to fit crimp-on plugs as these may perform much better than the solder-on plugs I have used in the past and when I have done all the feeders I should be less likely to go off air at the hamfest site should a plug fail.

Just have to get things all in order for the National Hamfest weekend.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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