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Tuesday 8 May 2018

Still not totally convinced by network radios

I have been having a look at network radios again, essentially these things are Android phones built to look like a mobile radio or HT, I still think they're a bit of a gimmick but as I alluded to previously they may have a purpose.

Naturally to actually convince me if these radios are any good I'd want to do my own review and run one to see how it fairs, I've watched some further videos on the subject on YouTube channel "Ringway Manchester" but to be honest a test of one of these radios (they're starting to pop up on a couple of well known radio suppliers in the UK now) is in order. all of which I intend to put on YouTube myself with my own opinion, I already have an account on Zello (well I have two) and the IRN, and can run Echolink as well on one of these.

Of course to do the review I have to buy one, as the old saying goes you have to spend money to make money, or in this case spend money to make a review (my YouTube channel isn't monetised and I make no money from my videos), and normally I don't leave my YouTube videos open to comments due to a history of abuse of this on my videos but I could well make an exception on this one as thoughts are welcome as I know there is some people for and some people against, whereas I am in between and undecided as far as these are concerned.

As soon as I can get hold of one I'll start my videos on the subject.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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