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Wednesday 2 May 2018

YouTube channel getting more new uploads

I have not uploaded anything to my YouTube channel for some time given all the events going on, such as the QTH move, the car issues I had and some other unforeseen issues I had at the beginning of this year, however with that all behind me I have now got the time to start again.

First and foremost I dug out my JVC Everio camcorder, and found it still works so it and my phone both play a part in the video recording, some videos have been uploaded at time of writing but there is more to come and I hope to do some filming at the National Hamfest later this year all being well as I do plan to attend.

I do intend to get more videos up so please do subscribe to my YouTube channel, you can find it here, at the time of writing the intro video was from when I had my foundation licence, I do plan to update this in the not too distant future all being well, I still have a busy life but with the chaos dying out I can focus on YouTube a bit more.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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