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Wednesday 23 May 2018

recommissioning the FTM-400XDE

As you know well by now I replaced my car earlier in the year with a newer and surprisingly low mileage model of the same car I had before, however as it has stood it has been some time until the FTM-400XDE could be reinstalled, and it culminates today, as over the course of the last few weeks I've slowly put parts of it into the car, the control head is now in the car along with the handsfree microphone, however there is one outstanding job to do and that job is the power supply.

This time I am going to do a better job, I have gone for a fuse holder at the battery with a fuse rated the same as those fitted to the radio's own power lead, 15 amp.

The battery on this car is the factory supplied battery though nearly 5 years old is still working well, I also noticed when inspecting the battery that there is a flanged nut on the positive side where the loom from the engine fusebox connects to the battery, the post looks to be M8 and I have ring terminals of this size to hand, heatshrink will also be used.

The fuse at the engine bay allows the circuit to be isolated and left in place, and if a jumpstart is required the fuse can be pulled out to isolate the radio and protect it from damage in this event.

The power wire otherwise will follow the same routing as it did on the previous car, through a grommet behind the instrument panel, which on the engine side is next to the brake servo.

I'm also going to remove the Baofeng UV-5RC Plus at the same time, and on the tuning stage position the antenna a little better.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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